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  • Notice to users of Hongene products in the European Union:

    Dear colleagues
    Our official agreement with emp Biotech of Berlin, Germany to distribute our products will end on 14th February, 2022. For the time being, whilst we are developing plans to supply our products directly to all of you again from the EU, please contact either of our colleagues listed below so we can make sure your needs will be met and you will continue to be able to use our products.

    Finally, we would also like to express our appreciation and thanks to emp Biotech which has been providing our products to you for the last 3 years from their facility in Berlin.

    Contacts for enquiries from EU:

    KS Chin
    VP, Global Business Development
    Hongene Biotech International
    email: ks.chin@hongene.com
    TEL: +44 782 4534703


    Michael Leuck
    Principal Scientist
    Hongene Biotech International
    email: mleuck@hongene.com
    TEL: +49 1512 1687805

  • General structures for Phosphoramidites

    A phosphoramidite (RO)2PNR2 is a monoamide of a phosphite diester. The key feature of phosphoramidites is their markedly high reactivity towards nucleophiles catalyzed by weak acids e.c., triethylammonium chloride or 1H-tetrazole. In these reactions, the incoming nucleophile replaces the NR2 moiety.
    Our nucleoside phosphoramidites are produced and packaged to ensure the highest performance on commercial oliognucleotide synthesizers. Every batch is accompanied by COA and Spec., showing the results of our QC testing.
  • Normal/modified Phosphoramidite

    B = Base (A, C, G, U, pU, I, T, abasic)
    P = Null, Me, NH2, Ac, Bz, dmf, iBu, PhAc, Pac, Tac, etc.
    X = H, F, OTBDMS, OMe, OMOE, O-Propargyl, etc.

  • 2'-O-4'-C-Locked Phosphoramidite

    B = Base (A, C, G, U, T)
    P = Null, Ac, Bz, dmf, iBu, PhAc, Pac, Tac, etc.

  • FANA Phosphoramidite

    B = Base (A, C, G, U)
    P = Null, Ac, Bz, iBu, etc

  • PMO Phosphoramidite

    B = Base (A, C, G, T)
    P = Null, Bz, Ac, iBu, dmf, PhAc, Pac, Tac, etc.

  • 3'-TrNH Phosphoramidites

    B = Base (A, C, G, T)
    P = Null, Ac, Bz, dmf, iBu, etc.

  • Linker Phosphoramidites

    P = DMT, MMT, Tr, TFA, etc.

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