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Dyes & Quenchers

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Our dye product line include biotin, Cyanine series, FAM, TAMRA, HEX, TET, etc.
Fluorescein labelled oligonucleotides have found applications in DNA sequencing and amplification, as well as techniques for genetic analysis. In the forefront of this development has been current fluorescein phosphoramidite.
Fluorescent–labeled phosphoramidites feature absorption and emission spectra suitable for a broad range of applications, including microscopy and PCR. These phosphoramidites may be used on all automated DNA synthesizers using standard synthesis procedures.
A dark quencher (also known as a dark sucker) is a substance that absorbs excitation energy from a fluorophore and dissipates the energy as heat; while a typical (fluorescent) quencher re-emits much of this energy as light. Dark quenchers are used in molecular biology in conjunction with fluorophores. When the two are close together, such as in a molecule or protein, the fluorophore's emission is suppressed. This effect can be used to study molecular geometry and motion.

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