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LNP Devices

KNAUER'S Impingement Jets Mixing (IJM) technology was developed for the production of mRNA-based coronavirus vaccines, where the mixers play the important role of encapsulating the API (mRNA) within a lipid nanoparticle (LNP).

IJM NanoProducer


Process Overview


Customized impingement jets mixing skid for Large Production Scale.


Production-scale Impingement Jets Mixing (IJM) Skid for the high flow production of lipid nanoparticles (LNP, microemulsions, etc.)

The Impingement Jets Mixing (IJM) Large Production Scale Units for high flow production of nanoparticles (LNP, microemulsions, etc.) can be configured with up to eight parallel mixing units depending on customer requirements. Each unit consists of two pumps to deliver lipid and API streams, two flowmeters for flow control, and one jet mixer.


Depending on the configuration, the predilution of the API and quenching can be performed for the combined flow of all units in one process step outside the Impingement Jets Mixing (IJM) Production Scale Unit.


The number of parallel units depends on the application. Also, the number of pumps, flowmeters, jets mixers, and pipes can be adapted to the required conditions and scale. All skids are built in a stainless steel frame on casters and are suitable for CIP cleaning procedures in pharmaceutical production.


The Impingement Jets Mixing (IJM) Large Production Scale Unit for high flow production of nanoparticles (LNP, microemulsions, etc.) consisting of:

  • up to 16 KNAUER high-pressure dosing pumps 80P
  • up to 16 Coriolis flow meters
  • up to 8 KNAUER IJM mixers
  • Inlet manifolds for lipid/ethanol mixture and mRNA/buffer mixture
  • Outlet manifold for LNP solution
  • Back-seal washing system
  • The frame (stainless steel system 1.4301)
  • Installation & familiarization by KNAUER


In addition, we offer for our customers:

  • Customized Technical documentation which is order- and article-related
  • Customer Service before, during, and after the setup
  • Capillary customization and labeling
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test at KNAUER Berlin)
  • SAT (Site Acceptance Test at customer site