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T4 RNA ligase 1 (ssRNA ligase)

  • Cat.No.ON-081
  • Cas.No.
  • SourceRecombinant E.coli
  • Purity>95% by SDS-PAGE
  • Storage-20℃
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Product description: T4 RNA Ligase 1 is an ATP-dependent ligase, active on a broad range of substrates including single-strand RNA, DNA, oligoribonucleotides, oligodeoxynucleotides, as well as numerous nucleotide derivatives. The enzyme catalyzes the formation of a phosphodiester bond between a 5'-phosphoryl-terminated nucleic acid donor to a 3'-hydroxyl-terminated nucleic acid acceptor in a template-independent manner.

Source: Recombinant E.coli

Concentration and Size: 10U/μL

Unit Definition: One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme required to ligate 50% of 0.4 ug of an equimolar mix of two single stranded 23 base RNA oligonucleotides (one 5'-phosphorylated) in 20 μL 1X T4 RNA Ligase Buffer following a 30 minute incubation at 37℃.

Storage Buffer: 10mM Tris-HCl (pH 7.5, 25℃), 0.1mM EDTA, 500mM KCl, 1mM DTT, and 50% (v/v)Glycerol.

Companion Product: 10X T4 RNA Ligase Buffer, Cat#ON-111, 500mM Tris-HCl pH7.8, 25℃, 100mM MgCl2, 10mM ATP, 100mM DTT.50% PEG 8000, Cat#ON-112, 50% PEG 8000(w/v).

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Protocol for ligation of single-stranded RNA

1. Assemble the following reaction in a sterile microcentrifuge tube:


Donor RNA40-200pmol
Acceptor RNA20pmol
10X T4 RNA Ligase Buffer2μL
Ribonuclease inhibitor (40U/μl)0.5μL
PEG 8000, 50%8μL
T4 RNA ligase 1(10U/μL)1μL
Nuclease-free H2Oto 20μL

Note: Donor molecule must contain a 5'-phosphate group; Acceptor RNA must contain a 3'-OH group

2. Incubate the reaction at 37℃ for 30min or 16℃ overnight.

3. Stop reaction by adding EDTA to a final concentration of 11mM.

Storage Conditions: -20℃

Quality Assurance: Free of endonuclease, exonuclease and RNase activities.

Physical Purity: >95% by SDS-PAGE.

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